Monday, November 8, 2010

Homage to "H"


My Heart has served me well these last 52 years, asking little in return. Hopefully it will continue to beat without me even having to think about it for many, many more years.

A Handsome Husband – that would be spelled D.A.V.E. Looking more and more distinguished with every passing year. Speaking of passing years - Happy Birthday (today) to my Dave.

Hair – I should stop complaining about my hair, for I’m sure I look much better with what I have than I would without!

Heros – the everyday variety, you know the unsung ones. I’m thinking specifically of my children who have each worn the SuperHero patch quietly on their chests at one or more times in their lives.

My Home. It’s not huge and it’s not fancy, but it truly is one of my most favorite places to be!

And last, but certainly not least,


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