Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breadth vs Depth

I have
spent many hours this week interviewing potential candidates as we seek to fill a drama/musical theater teaching position at our school.

One constant theme kept coming to mind as I visited with each of these candidates - You may have a passion for something and you may have talent, but that doesn't guarantee you can make a career out of it.

Each of our candidates had a college degree. Several had advanced degrees. One candidate had a plethora of degrees as a result of his fascination with education! Everyone of them had experience in some aspect of theatre (acting, tech, film, dance, radio, etc...).

So they had a college education and experience, what's the problem?

Most of them had degrees and experiences that were too narrowly focused, especially in a tight economy.

Your degree and experience must have enough
breadth and depth to "fit" a number of opportunities. Becoming an expert in one tiny area may indicate you are well educated, but are you easily employable? On the other hand, collecting degrees like someone collects postage stamps is not a good idea either.

Striking the balance of combining what you love doing and are good at with a degree you can actually get work with is an important part of deciding upon a major. And combining your undergraduate degree with an MBA would definitely not hurt your future options.

Just sayin.

The Mama B

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  1. Important advice especially in today's world. Have a second master's degree basically because of this message -- first was too narrow. Love what I am doing now and the options are many.